Tips in Buying a New Car

Arm yourself with the right knowledge about buying a car, and you’ll surely get the ride you want, equipped with all the accessories of your liking, at a reasonable price. Once you have decided on the type and size of the car to purchase, follow these 5 simple tips for a smooth car-purchasing transaction.

1.   Know the “invoice” cost. This is one of the key points a car buyer has to know. The “invoice” is the car’s cost paid by the dealer. Be sure to get the latest invoice cost and haggle up from there, not down from the car’s sticker price.

2.   Bargain. Now that you already know the invoice and sticker cost, you will now have a better knowledge of your negotiation room.  Ask the dealer for their lowest mark-up and start negotiating from the invoice price up to the lowest mark-up price.


3.   Be wary of worthless, overly priced services. Watch for extra fees that add up to the car’s sticker price. The salesperson may try to sell you rustproofing, undercoating, windshield etching, extended warranty, fabric protection, etc. These services are all overpriced and worthless, and can save you hundreds of dollars if not included in your terms and agreements.

4.   Trade-in. Don’t mention this until you’ve already agreed on a fixed price. But when it’s time to bring this up, be sure to know your trade-ins worth. Search the internet or ask different dealerships for your trade-ins current cost.

5.   Don’t skip the test drive. Take that new car out for a spin. Take time in inspecting the vehicle’s environment. Make sure it’s comfortable and the car controls are easy for you to handle. You’ll be with this car for years, so it’s okay to be extra cautious.

Choosing Colours for Your Home Interior Painting

Colour can make or break your home. It can add life and character, show your personality, or can revamp your place. Determine what pieces of the room you would like to highlight, perhaps you would want to show off your vintage flower vase or the elegant chaise longue next to that large windowpane. Whatever it may be, choose the right colours to help enhance the overall interior beauty of your home.

Bold Colours. For homeowners who love the power of contrast, have 2 entirely different paint colours in a single room. Just make sure that the 2 colours complement each other. For instance, paint the room walls with warm amber and your sitting area with red. For smaller rooms, have two slightly different shades to make an impression of extended spaces.

Subtle Look. If you want to put subtle emphasis on some portions of the house, choose a shade darker or a shade lighter from your primary wall colours for your home’s doorways. The subtle shift of colour will definitely catch the viewer’s eyes without making strong changes on the colours used.

Lights Influence Colours. One characteristic of colours is their ability change shade as the light changes. Incandescent, fluorescent and natural light can influence the natural colour of your home’s interior. That’s why choosing a home interior paint shouldn’t be rushed. The best thing you can do is to paint try painting small area of your house’s wall and observe the changes for 24 to 48 hours. Check the changes of colour shades and make sure that you’re satisfied with every effect.

Nokia’s 41Mp Windows Smartphone

Nokia is setting their goals for another Lumia Windows smartphone possessing its “revolutionary” 41Mp PureView camera from the Symbian-operated Nokia 808 PureView.

The superb 41Mp camera of Nokia 808 PureView may, perhaps, be making its way on a Lumia Windows 8 smartphone. The new smartphone is codenamed as EOS and is rumoured to be launched anytime this year.

Nokia’s current leading handset, the Lumia 920, also possesses PureView technology but with an 8.7Mp camera. Patrons queried Nokia’s flagship unit for its lack of 41Mp sensor when it was launched at the end of 2012.

The 41Mp camera was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012 on Nokia’s Symbian-powered phone, the 808 PureView. The handset’s captured photos drew excellent reviews at the time. The 41Mp is designed to capture brilliant images even in low light instead of taking astoundingly large pictures. By default, the camera is set to shoot at 5Mp but can be set to its maximum for better image quality.

Aside from the camera, the EOS is said to be made with aluminum body for improved durability unlike their current range of Lumia handsets which are made with polycarbonate. It is believed that the aluminum structure will be carried on to other handsets that the company is planning to release this year, including the updated version of Lumia 920.

Mobile World Congress is said to come on the second quarter of the year attended by all leading smartphone brands, including Nokia. So it’s likely, if Lumia EOS with 41Mp PureView technology does exist, it will be unveiled there.